Feel the touch of Aloha.

It is very rare to find a place similar to that of Hawaii's aura. No matter how much time passes,
Mother Nature's beauty; her elegance of land,
sky and sea deeply move me.

Embodiments of Mother Nature, the women of Hawaii exhibit grace and strength in their daily lives.
As my life moves forward, my wish is to support the active lifestyle of Hawaii's women
so they may be the beautiful and independent people that they are.

From that desire, 『mau mapu』was born.

A special style made for paradise.

To match the grandeur that Hawaii has to offer, I believe that there must be clothes to call its worthy counterpart.

"mau mapu" was created specifically for the active-minded in Hawaii and around the world.

With much thought and care, we hope that mau mapu can be a piece of paradise
that you take wherever you go, to feel the touch of Aloha.

We hope to see people bloom when experiencing our Hawaiian aloha.

Sending love from Hawaii to women across the globe.

Feel the touch of Aloha.

since 2012, from Hawaii.

mau mapu