Ever since moving here, I have been wondering to myself as I jog along various roads of Hawaii…

that it is very rare to find a place similar to that of Hawaii’s climate. No matter how much time passes, I am deeply moved by the elegance of the sky and the ocean; the beauty of mother nature.

Living in Hawaii, I admired the livelihood of other women and their strong will as well as their beauty.

As I continue my everyday lifestyle, I wish to make the athletically active women here more beautiful, and more independent.

From that desire, mau mapu was born.


For Wahine.

Being active in the spectacular land of Hawaii, I thought there must be clothes that fit this environment.

Mau mapu apparel is created by local designers specifically for those active in Hawaii.

Of course, it is also to remind the greatness of Hawaii for those who Hawaii-lovers from all over the world.

With thought and care, our goal is to help you feel the wind blow through the air of Hawaii.

Mau Mapu expresses thoughts from Hawaii out to Hawaii-loving women from all around the world.

2012, from Hawaii.